To inspire and enable a more sustainable and equitable world thru geographic knowledge

GeoTuple is an open cloud based platform for geospatial analysis with R. It provides a web app and an API service, supported by a database of geographic phenomena (themes). It lets you visualize database themes as layers on a map and perform exploratory data analysis. For example: you can view the population density of a particular area and compute the correlation with other themes such as income per capita.


  1. Bye bye GIS - Hello Geospatial information analytics (GiX)
  2. GeoTuple: towards an Open Multiscale GeoAnalytics platform
  3. Presentation at FOSS4G 2017 (video)


GeoTuple is Open Source Software (available on GitHub) and is built on the shoulders of a stack of other OSS, most notably:

  • OpenCPU
  • R (RPostgreSQL, sp, spdep)
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • D3
  • Leaflet

also: GDAL/OGR, jQuery, Skeleton.css, ColorBrewer, Linux (Ubuntu), Apache and OpenStreetMap.

Thank You!